L Devine: ‘If people are too scared to say girls like sex and that’s on them’


6 h Newsdesk L Devine joins The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new project ‘Near Life Experience’, moving back to Newcastle, her new single ‘Girls Like Sex’ and more.
L Devine on her new project ‘Near Life Experience’ Part One and coming up with the title…
‘I mean, it’s kind of weird because I came up with that way before… I had that written down in my notes. And then it kind of seemed like a no brainer. When we actually started living a near life experience over the past 18 months, we kind of were missing all the things that make life meaningful and rich. So yeah, I just felt like it really suited this project, kind of felt like the right time to do it.’
On her new track ‘Girls Like Sex’ and the title…
‘I mean, what’s wrong with that? That’s the thing. Like we mean, for years we’ve been here and like, you know, dude, like talk about the same stuff? Yeah, all over the charts. And so I just thought you know what, let’s just say it. It’s weird because people are scared of saying it, I guess. It’s been funny, it’s been interesting to see people’s thoughts and reactions to it.’
On creating a clean version of the track…
‘Yeah that was a conversation for a while like the label and some people were like, “We don’t know if this is gonna be able to get played on certain things and we’re gonna have to change it”. And I was just like, “why?”. There are songs like ‘Sex on Fire’ and stuff like that… loads of songs that mention sex have been all over the radio! I said absolutely not. We’re playing it and if people are too scared to say girls like sex and that’s on them.’
On moving back to Newcastle and missing touring…
‘I moved back here [Newcastle] in at the start of lockdown and kind of just fell in love with home all over again and decided to come move back. But I’ve been up and down London all the time, so I’ve still got all my London peeps! I think I might come back at some point, I don’t know. I just kind of want to go on tour and never come back now that I’ve been deprived of shows for so long. I just want to go on the road and never come back!’Original




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