Reaction As Yoruba Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Get A Huge Money Cake And A New Car Gift For Her Child, Avia (Photos)

By: Naijajoy Official / May 9, 2021 / 7


The fantastic Yoruba actress Bukunmi Oluwashina gets a new car as gift from her fans, for her child. This beautiful actress Bukunmi Oluwashina took to her social media platform, to share the car her fans bought for her child Avia. And it was just yesterday, that this pretty actress Bukunmi Oluwashina celebrated her birthday. She celebrated it in a very unique way. And since then, gifts kept coming for her and her child Avia.

Revealing the new car her fans get for her child on her own birthday, actress Bukunmi Oluwashina wrote; Who is doing birthday, who is receiving gifts nitori Olorun? Eyin fans, e de beru Olorun, Avia come and carry your car. Plus who am I going to share all these cakes with though? O por o, if you are interested in eating my birthday cake with me, say hello in the comment session o, make I share location she said. So actress Bukunmi Oluwashina child Avia gets a new car as gift from Bukunmi Oluwashina’s fans. Bukunmi Oluwashina herself, also gets a money cake as birthday gift from her fans.

Bukunmi Oluwashina is a talented Yoruba actress who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Bukunmi Oluwashina acting skill, has gained many followers on Instagram alone. This pretty mother of one Bukunmi Oluwashina is loved almost by all her fans. Bukunmi Oluwashina has proven to be one of the best actresses over the years. Bukunmi Oluwashina is talented, skillful, creative and highly intelligent. This young and talented actress Bukunmi always goes for quality when it comes to producing movies. Bukunmi Oluwashina is a brand ambassador, brand influencer, movie producer, scriptwriter, movie director and songwriter. Bukunmi Oluwashina is no doubt a force to reckon with in the movie industry.


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