Reactions As Nigerian Fuji Star, Saheed Osupa Posts Video On Risks Involved In Smoking Shisha


Contrary to the believe by many people that smoking of Shisha is harmless to people’s health, Fuji music star, Saheed Okunola better known as Saheed Osupa, has a shared a video on his social media handle advocating that people should stop smoking it, because it is very dangerous to their health.

In the said video, medical experts are seen analysing how smoking of Shisha is even more dangerous to people’s health than smoking of cigarettes. And remember that, in the advert of every cigarette brand, it is always included that smokers are liable to die young.

And if smoking of Shisha as seen in the video is more dangerous than smoking of cigarette, it can then be imagined how very dangerous smoking of Shisha could be. But unfortunately, most people at clubs and parties have been taking it for granted, as they smoke away on their Shisha recklessly.

Watch the video below;

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