Reactions As Yoruba Actress Ronke Odusanya’s 16-Month-Old Daughter Sings And Dances To ‘Duduke’ Song


There is this bond that exists between mother and child such that the baby exhibits some traits from the mother. Children tend to imitate what they see around them, this is why it is necessary for parents to be conscious of what they expose their children to. Infancy is a stage where children learns faster so they should be greatly monitored and guided into the right path.

In the Nollywood movie industry, we have female celebrities who are lovely mothers and have been performing their motherly duties. In this article, we will be discussing popular Actress Ronke Odusanya and her beautiful 16 months old daughter simply identified Fife. This little girl is the carbon copy of the talented actress and they have been serving us with mother and daughter goals.


In a recent post, Actress Ronke Odusanya has shared a video of her daughter, Fife, singing and dancing to Simi’s song, Duduke. According to the movie personality, her daughter has grown to love ‘Duduke’ as her favorite song as she is always elated when she hear the song playing in the background. Actress Ronke Odusanya disclosed that ‘Duduke’ is also one of her favorite songs as she wishes Singer Simi, a Happy 33rd birthday celebration.

Watch the video post below:

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