My Blood (2021) Part 2


My Blood (2021) Part 2

My Blood (2021) Part 2

My Blood (2021) Part 2

Nothing binds you except your thought; nothing limits you except your fear; nothing controls you except your beliefs. In life, people do all kinds of things that may be wise or not in hindsight because of their imagination and dreams. Watch Onny Micheal, Stephen Odimgbe, and Uju Okoli in this well-demonstrated movie.

STARRING: Onny Micheal, Uju Okoli, Stephen Odimgbe, Adanne Luke, Junior Joseph, Norbert Waski Oguegbu, Remy Ohajianya, Mike Oscar Isamede.


DIRECTED BY: GF. Emeka Nnakihe/Taboo Ability.

COMPANY: Avionic Prod.  Ltd.



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