FOOTBALL LOVERS!! Mikel Arteta vs Frank Lampard – Who Is A Better Coach And Team Manager?


Being a retired footballer does not mean you will get things right with coaching career.

This is what Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta and Chelsea coach Frank Lampard have shown to us this season.

From the look of things, both managers have right set of players but their tactical usage of players is what is affecting their results as a team.

Arsenal’s Manager Mikel Arteta

After taking over from Unai Emery last season, Arteta did well by getting the team back into winning ways as he led the team to winning FA Cup last season.

This season has not be very rosy for Mikel Arteta as he already suffered 8 losses in the premier league winning only 7 games.

After the team defeated Chelsea in the Premier league, they came back into winning ways as Arteta included Emily Smith Rowe in the creative midfield role.

Chelsea’s Manager, Frank Lampard

With the way Chelsea invested a lot in new young players, one would expect that the Frank Lampard‘s team will be dangerous this season.

It seems now that Lampard is confused on how to use those players following his defeat to Arsenal and Manchester city.

With 17 games played in Premier League this season, Chelsea only had 7 wins with 5 losses. It’s obvious, Frank Lampard needs to work on his tactics for Chelsea to win something this season.

In conclusion, Arteta and Lampard‘s case in the Premier League this season seems to be very similar but the question we have for you guys is


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