No Man Has Ever Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend At My Age, Lady Cries Out, South Africa Fiction]


There is nothing that can frustrate someone in life like coming of Age to owing something that is worth your level, and you will not have it. It is also painful when a beautiful lady come of Age and she will still not be dating any person, just as the Lady who I want to show us in these article of a Lady who has come of Age, and yet she has been single for a long time now, where she stated that she has never be asked by any Man to be his girlfriend.

On a normal, I will say that it looks so disheartening and discomforting, when a girl will get to her twenties and still not have a boyfriend. Personally I know how it feels when you’re alone for a longtime, without having someone who will ask you out and care for you as your lover.

In her statement, the Young Beautiful Lady Said:

“Am a Lady of 22 years old who and I posses a lot of Gift and endowment, that every other Lady out there have. Am not ugly rather am very beautiful and all my friends around me can testify that am good looking. But am always sad each time I recall that, no man has ever asked me to be her Boyfriend. A lot of people who come around me will compliment me, saying that GOD blessed me tremendous beauty above my equals. But it is always funny when my family members ask me to introduce me to my boyfriend, and I will tell them that I don’t have any boyfriend. The reaction that I have always gotten from them is that, they see it that am lying for them”

“Several times, a lot of people have said that I look young and pretty, but I don’t know if being young and beautiful a disadvantage why men should not approach me. Is it that there is something wrong with me that they have seen, but it has been difficult for them to walk up to me and voice it out, so that I can start working on it to change it. Or is it that I have a spiritual problem, that has kept them from asking me out”

Frankly speaking I have been left in a devastating, confused and depressed over my condition. These thing is actually eating me up, and I don’t know what to do so that a man will ask me to be his girlfriend. Or should I now start seeing myself that these is how I was created, that no man will ask me out. Please I need your advice over these. Whom should I meet and what am I to do?


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