Seven Days After School Resumption, Six Year Old Girl Contracts COVID-19 And Dies


A six-year-old girl has reportedly died of COVID-19 just seven days after resuming school. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mohamed Saka, shared the sad story on his Twitter handle.

He stated that the little girl contracted the virus when she resumed school and later died from the disease.

However did not state where the unfortunate incident happened.

”Heartbreaking. 6 year daughter started school last week. Got Covid-19 in school and just passed away.

Killed her in 7 days. To those who are so afraid that kids are going to miss a year of school. Missing a year of school is better than losing a future.

How about using this time to teach them how to plant, cook, basic first aid, creative and critical thinking… Not all learning is done in a classroom” he tweeted


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