Corruption And The Real Hush-daddies By Sydney Usman Godwin


AGF Malami
AGF Malami


Youths for Social And Political Change have observed with keen interest the unholy development in the presidency over the past few days, with Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy being exposed by the investigative, journalistic prowess of SaharaReporters of fraud, which amounted to the minister buying houses for his three wives, houses he bluntly denied and asserted he lacks such funds as a minster to acquire. The question is, who then owns these houses?

July, 10, 11, and 12 witnessed yet another massive blow dealt corruption by SaharaReporters when the investigative media firm again reported yet another executive recklessness, this time, it was about the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN), unjust spending of looted public funds, concomitantly, ensuring his jobless children living a flamboyant and luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the Nigerian populace.

Malami was also exposed in his shady dealing, like when he authorised the sales of the seized oil ships to a company standing corruption charges.

The minister has no doubt betrayed the trust reposed in him, he should resign, and now. 

AGF Malami

With Magu, Akpabio and others at the moment facing corruption allegations, the presidency has no doubt been turned to “Camp Nou”, a ground of wonders, this time, wonders that are truly magically orchestrated. We call on the President to as a matter of national emergency begin the probe of this very unconscionable fraudsters, masquerading as leaders, to save what is left of our already basterdized and grossly dilapidated image if only truly, the president is serious about the fight against corruption, one which is widely considered a hoax.

Considering the plethora of corruption allegations littered around the presidency as though one is at the “theater of dreams” is sickening, that this people still parade themselves as leaders with the presidency doing close to nothing, makes it even more nauseating.

The recent happenings provide a platform to the presidency to do the needful and Nigerians are watching.

Malami is at the moment unfit to continue as the chief law officer of Nigeria, at least until he clears himself, as his electrifying action(s) has exacerbated the destruction of our image, even gruesomely among the comity of nations. We demand his resignation.

Like Hushpuppi, this Hushdaddy has exacerbated our image globally. We say Enough is enough.



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