Ladies, submit to your husband and honor his sacrifice with love and respect – Adamu Garba urges women


Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has advised ladies to be submissive to their husband in marriage or risk a failed marriage.

The politician who is famous for controversial statements in support of polygamy took to Twitter warn ladies against the path of feminism.


He expressed that the path of feminism leads to destruction of homes and lineages.

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The former Presidential aspirant also went further to point out that most submissive ladies enjoy the most in marriage.

See his tweet below:

Ladies, you should submit to your husband and honor his sacrifice with love and respect. Don’t take the path of feminist, it is meant to break up families and destroy homes and lineages. Stay true to your nature and be happy.

Adamu Garba II


The most submissive wife always gets the best of the family’s future. Typically, the wife of Late Amir of Kano, Ado Bayero have two of her sons as First Class Amirs.

I hear say one lady, who has lost touch with her self-worth, left her marriage because she can’t stand submission


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