“I’ll be 321 years on Sunday – favourite Ghana rapper unleashed”


The multi talented sensational hip hop recording act, Prince Anael Dwumah, Popularly known as Oboy Lilow in the showbiz industry has made it clear to public that, he was born on 28th April 1968, which sounds quite hollow. This prevails that, the stillgrinds empire’s Lord (Oboy Lilow) will be 321 years this Sunday Which is tomorrow (28th April, 2019). This Viral issue baffles my mind a bit, because if you follow the guy’s speech, the lyrical contents of him and his reactions, you wouldn’t doubt of that 321 age, but look, isn’t he looking just like a person between the ages of 20 -26??? Is he trying to unveil that he’s an immortal or what??
Comrades attempted to intrude by questioning Oboy Lilow as in, if he had mistyped his age being 21 years and it posted 321 years, but he insisted by saying “Lol, I’m 321 years”. Don’t think you’re the only one who’s thinking he had set a prank, we all think so, but there’s a say that behind any circulating rumour, there’s a little bit of truth. Well I can’t decide to tell public whatever, but the Controversial news for today is that Oboy Lilow will be 321 years on Sunday 28th April, 2019. If you’d never heard nor seen Oboy Lilow, below are his pictures;

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